Light Hardwood vs. Dark Hardwood: Have You Made Your Choice?

Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to choosing your shade for hardwood, it isn’t always so straightforward.Hardwood occurs in lots of varieties, so make sure you consider all the below factors to ensure a successful outcome for your new flooring. We have seen too many clients regret their choice in such premium flooring, simply because they didn’t do their homework.

Here we have brought for you a comparative guide between light-shaded hardwood and dark-shaded hardwood, so hopefully after reading this guide, you will be fully informed on how to pick the right flooring.

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Light Or Dark: What’s Your Call?

Before you come up with a choice, consider a few important factors:

  • Cleaner Floors: If you love the floors to be spotlessly clean, you may not stand dark floors for too long. While light hardwoods do not reflect any dirt or dust on the surface, these are highly visible on the dark floors.

Light hardwood

  • Scratchier Floors: Wooden floors will always experience scratches. However, these are more clearly visible on the dark hardwoods when comparing them to the lighter ones. Dark wood will generally have a light inner layer and this appears clearer with scratches.

Dark Hardwood flooring


  • Houses With Pets: With pets in your house, chances of scratches are generally more on the floors, therefore light hardwoods have an edge in the aspect.


  • Available Space: While light colors offer an enhanced view to a space, dark ones tend to lessen the available area. This is why light floors are more suitable for houses with smaller space. If you have larger spaces, dark hardwoods can pull off a more luxurious vibe.

Hardwood flooring


  • Your Interiors: If you are about to replace your old floors with new, wooden floors, do not forget considering your interiors, the benchtop & cabinets in your kitchen, the wall color, furniture design, appliances, and the other elements in your house.


  • Hiding Flaws: Flaw denote the nature cracks or fissures in the woods and these are better hidden in the dark hardwoods. In other words, any kind of crack or flaw is a lot clearly visible in the light shades as compared to the dark ones.

Dark Hardwood


  • Your Personal Preference: Above all, choosing light or dark colored wooden floors is probably the personal preference of the homeowners and it all depends on your taste and choice to get a suitable one.


Can I grab a free sample to test things out?

It might be a bit scary to find out only after we installed the floor that you don’t like the colour composition. Don’t worry, this is where we come in. At Prime Floors, we offer free samples for you to take home, so you can compare your flooring options before finalizing your decision.

Prime floors


For best result, contact your hardwood flooring service consultant. We install thousands of floors every year, and we would love to give you professional advice and help you nail that flooring project!