How To Check The Quality of Granite Kitchen Worktops

Quality Of Granite Kitchen

With large numbers of granite worktops suppliers available all across the world, the use of granite worktops has become much more common. But one big question that comes across people is that – Am I buying the right quality product?

Let’s find out the answer below

                                                                      The grade of the granite 

It might appear as a shock, but it is true that there is no defined industry standard for grading granite quality. A majority of granite worktops suppliers have an in-house system used to set varying grades of granite. In general, commercial-grade granite contains different types of soft minerals scattered all over and less color variation in comparison to superior quality cuts of granite.

Kitchen Worktops Birmingham

Mid-grade granite is generally recognizable by its fresh colors and more detailed patterns, but it doesn’t have the same distinctive qualities as high numbers of high-end cuts. The highest quality granite encompasses slabs with one-of-a-kind colors and vivacious patterns that would be difficult if not terrible to find again.


Granite Thickness 

Granite is extracted from the Earth in big-size slabs. These huge slabs are transported to manufacturing facilities where they get cut into stripper and more practicable chunks. In a bid to get more counters from a single slab, some manufacturers cut very tinny sections. This brings down toughness, particularly if the slab measures less than one-inch thick.

Kitchen Worktops BirminghamGranite Porosity 

The porosity of the granite differs because the real character of granite can differ to some degree. Absorbency gets affected if granite diminishes over time or continues its vibrant colors. It is a biggest factor in selecting kitchen worktops in Birmingham.

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Check Out These Top Two Trends in Kitchen Worktops in Birmingham

kitchen worktops in Birmingham

Be it any home or any type or size, countertops are an essential part of the same. In fact, it is the most happening place of your home. But above that, the countertop is the basis of kitchen décor when carrying out a kitchen renovation. It bears the weight of setting the tone and feel of the space.

Kitchen Worktops Birmingham
Kitchen Worktops Birmingham

Consider the importance of kitchen worktops in Birmingham, there are certain elements that matter a lot such as the material used, finish and design. Let’s check out these leading trends in the field of kitchen worktops.

Quartz is ever lasting –

Quartz was brought as a high-end substitute to granite, and there is hardly any doubt on it.  Granite a natural rock, has for years ruled the countertop market particularly for homeowners who look for something strong, durable and nice looking. But it has a disadvantage–it is absorbent. This means that fluids such as water, wine, and oils can leak through the surface leading to staining. In worst cases, it inspires the upbringing of harmful bacteria that could leave your countertop unhygienic.

Cheap Granite Worktops
Cheap Granite Worktops

The porous problem can be improved by sealing the granite surface using a non-porous sealant. But the sealant goes off with time & wear, thus the countertop needs to be resealed throughout its lifetime.

Quartz, on the other side, is non-porous and does not require consistent re-sealing. This simply means that it is extremely resistant against staining and is one of the most disinfected countertop options for homeowners. Another thing about quartz is that it is extremely strong, making it super tough and you can check why this low maintenance material is not going in near future as the countertop material of choice for many homeowners.

Cheap Granite Worktops
Cheap Granite Worktops

Polished vs. Honed –

As the world has been witnessing a design movement using more textured and tactile surfaces, it’s time to apply it in countertops too. Honed and leather surfaces are the most general and can be applied to several different materials, such as granite, marble, and quartz.  Even though polished is still the most prevalent, there are advantages to these two others.

Honed finish is basically a matte finish with no or little glow.  The general look will differ depending on the stone quality, but it should have a low sheen and a smooth surface.  Honed finishes matches perfectly with marble, since it’s absence of shine hides any flaws or scratch marks more willingly.

Kitchen Worktops Birmingham
Kitchen Worktops Birmingham

Leathered finish is the latest style of treatment that has become more popular in recent times.  It features a soft sheen, that is less shiny from a polished slab, and to the touch has a distinctive texture.  The leather finish recollects the stone’s natural color lending it a more urbane appearance rather than honed. It also skins fingerprints and water spots extraordinary well, which is extremely appealing to many.

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