How To Replace The Lap Boards In Fiber Cement Siding

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If your home has fiber cement siding installed over it, and the siding gets damaged due to an extreme storm, you need to get it replaced.

Chipped or cracked sidings not only allow moisture to penetrate into the layers beneath but also offer a very disagreeable appearance. Thus, to avoid any harm to your home’s beauty or functionality, replacing the sidings is considered necessary.

And guess what- if you have lap board fiber cement sidings, you can easily replace them all yourself. Here are the steps to do so:

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  • Preparing The Replacement:

Find out the amount of siding that needs to be replaced and get the necessary products in advance.

Fiber cement sidings may have a faux wood grain texture on one side and smooth on the other. You can use either of these as the exterior surface.

  • Removing Damaged Siding:

Before the new siding installation, you need to remove the damaged portion. But even before this, you need to ensure safety with protective eyewear and face mask etc.

Use a pry to lift the overlapping siding’s bottom edge. Move down the board and pry the bottom edge to loosen the nails. Through this, the nails get loosened without damaging the siding.

After you remove the nails, make sure there aren’t any nubs and or countersinks that prevent the entry of new sidings under the old.

You can also use wood shims which help to keep the top board away from the wall when you remove the nails.

  • Check The Troubles Behind The Siding: 

Check for any kind of damages behind the siding. In case you find some rotting wood or damaged vapor barriers, it needs to be replaced soon.

And in case the troubles have extended their arms to reach the healthy siding pieces, you need to remove these too.

  • Replace The Boards:  

Most of the siding repairs are required at the bottom and this is where you need to start installing the sidings from.

In case you repair the siding’s bottom tier, you can add a spacer strip along the bottom edge to comply with the angle of the overlap.

Since fiber cement siding is heavier than wood, it needs a specialtungsten-carbide blade or diamond-tipped blades to cut them. Trim the boards to the required size and use a piece of chalk to create the required reference marks. Fix the board at the bottom and move to the top.

While you install the boards, a long piece of siding may sag in the center. You can prevent this sag by using temporary blocks. Nail down all the boards in this way.

  • Finishing:

If you want, you can paint the exteriors to offer it a great appearance.

Though easy it tends to appear, you may face troubles when you initiate the job. So if you are not too confident about installing the fiber cement lap siding boards, you can consult the expert siding contractors in your region for assistance.

The experts possess specialized machinery and all the skills to finish the job in just a few hours without any hassles.